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HSE    In a site ________ must submit standard and appropriate HSEMS program

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HSE   Which of the following is correct for risk assessment?

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HSE   Which of the following statements is TRUE when an employer issues personal protective equipment (PPE)?

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HSE   The ratio of accidents due to human causes to other causes is estimated to be ……..

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HSE When is live working permissible?

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HSE  Which type of fire extinguish do you use to fight an electrical fire if a carbon dioxide extinguisher is unavailable?

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HSE  Quantitative Risk Assessment is also known as……

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HSE All of these are causes of accidents in manual handling except one

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HSE  Excessive sunlight on bare skin can cause which serious health problem?

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HSE   In accordance with the Electricity at Work regulations, when considering whether to work live a responsible person should:

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HSE. ______ is the formulation of a list of hazards and asking the questions in the form of what-if?

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HSE  Installation of noise protector in noisy machinery is ______ hazard control

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HSE…………. refers to a systematic, comprehensive business approach to manage personal risk

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HSE  If you only have a mains voltage (230 V) hand drill and you want to use it on a construction site which only has yellow (110 V) socket-outlets, what should you do?

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HSE   What are the lower and upper action values with regard to daily personal noise exposure, as defined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005?

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HSE    When using personal protective equipment (PPE) legally you must do which of the following?

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HSE...................……is the removal or disconnection of the source fuel that enhances the fire flame thereby extinguishing the fire

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HSE  _________ is not a precaution necessary in electrical work

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HSE  When can you work from a ladder?

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HSE   All of the following are environmental factors except

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HSE   ____________ is an integral part of an industry

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HSE  A maximum of ………… hours driving is allowed within a twelve-hour shift

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HSE The following are examples of personal factors of accident except………….

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HSE  Safety net must be used in a work place ……..meters above the ground or Water

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HSE. A band of ____________ is displayed above a fire extinguisher that contains carbon dioxide.

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HSE. Human factors is often used in relation to

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HSE  Who is totally responsible for providing PPEs for the protection of their employees as needed or required?

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HSE The specific effects on the human body of a major electric shock are one of the following:

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HSE Which of these is not a duty of a supervisor?

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HSE   Rehearsal of real emergency situations in readiness for emergency response is termed

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HSE  In journey plan, one of the following is not a means of communication

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HSE  _________ is not an example of unsafe act?

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HSE  What must your employer do if the daily personal noise exposure is at or exceeds 85 db(A)?

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HSE     A safety programme includes mainly four E’s except………..........................

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HSE   Another name for “technical causes” is……………

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HSE _________ is not one of the 4 Ps of safety

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HSE. The waste material that pollutes air, water, or soil is known as

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HSE   The basic steps of UAA are the following except

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HSE    The following are the direct cost of an accident except………….

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HSE  Who is responsible for emergency control measures in each of individual plants or installations?

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HSE. CPR involves chest compression for adults between _____ and _____ cm

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HSE    ___________ is the process by which materials are properly stacked for easy access and spotting

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HSE  The modern safety movement started around ………..

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HSE When an assessment of hazardous substances has been carried out under the COSHH Regulations, the risks and control measures should be explained to:

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HSE Which of the following is correct when it comes to the type of fire extinguishers you should avoid while fighting a fire in a confined space?

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HSE A residual current device is designed to operate in the event of one of the following:

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HSE The Factories Act was postulated in the year________?

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HSE   What do the letters SWL stand for?

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HSE. Wet Chemical fire extinguishers were specifically designed in order to tackle ______

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HSE   One of these is not a type of sign boards

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HSE. Which of the following types of materials is responsible for fueling a Class A fire?

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HSE  __________ fire extinguishers are specifically designed in order to tackle a class F fire.


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HSE   __________ is a condition or circumstance that suggest a higher probability or increased chance of a negative outcome

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HSE  To enhance preventive measure in a company, attention should be paid to which of the following

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HSE………is the time period, specified on the permit to work for which the permit is valid.

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HSE    You have witnessed a serious accident on your site and are interviewed by an HSE inspector. Should you:

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HSE  The people found within the environment of the emergency are known as

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HSE   What is most commonly used to reduce 230 volts to 110 volts on site?

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HSE  Which of the following best defines a factory?

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HSE  All new fire extinguishers are coloured red or of bright self-coloured metal. How do you know the difference between types?

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HSE ……….. is the extension lower limit for safety net

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HSE   One of these is not an emergency service

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HSE.  You should avoid using _________________ fire extinguishers when extinguishing a fire in a confined space

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HSE  The conducting connection, whether intentional or accidental, between an electrical circuit or equipment and the earth, or to some conducting body that serves in place of the earth is know

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HSE   The most important aspect of journey management is

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HSE  If someone has fallen off a ladder and they say their leg is broken, what should you do?

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HSE …………is an area where area where access is limited to personnel and to authorised and properly endorsed visitors.

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HSE  Which of the following methods of hazard identification is widely adopted by chemical plants to identify operation problem?

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HSE __________ is not a benefit of near miss reporting?

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HSE   Distribution and control of up-to-date documents are the responsibilities of

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HSE  The following are causes of accident except……….

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HSE.  At what point do you sound the fire alarm?

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HSE .  Which class of fire extinguisher is used on fires involving combustible materials?

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HSE  All except one are the causes of accident in construction

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HSE Purchase of an insurance policy is a ________ strategic risk management

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HSE. __________ covers the design, construction, commissioning, and operation and maintenance phases of each project component

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HSE. The word “ergon” and “nomos" are Greek words which means

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HSE   There are ………. basic steps for UAA techniques

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HSE  Conceptualization involves………..

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HSE The full meaning of OSHA is____________

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HSE   The two types of permit to work are

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HSE   An accident with no damage or injury is ………………

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HSE    UAA is a component of good HSE management system

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HSE  Systematic monitoring of risk is known as

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HSE. Direct costs in accident is sometimes referred to as ________

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HSE   The full meaning of NIOSH is_______________

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HSE    A good EMP should be………………………………………

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HSE   Which of these is not a hazard in petroleum industry?

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HSE  All of the following is one of the five lines of defense for emergency response plan except

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HSE  ________ is a tragic occurrence, crises or disaster

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HSE ……..refers to management system used to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently.

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HSE   When using an extension cable reel, which of the following statements is correct?

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HSE   What should you do if you hear the fire alarm?

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HSE   The professional responsible for emergency measures in each of the individual plants or installation is__________

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HSE   Indirect cost of an accident includes the following except

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HSE   Under which of the following circumstances must injury accidents be recorded in the accident book?

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HSE  Which of the following colours can be found in a band above a wet chemical fire extinguisher?

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HSE  One of these is not part of a JSA

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HSE  At or above what level of daily personal noise exposure does an employer have to provide hearing protection if it is requested by an employee?

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