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HSE     A safety programme includes mainly four E’s except………..........................

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HSE   An accident with no damage or injury is ………………

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HSE When is live working permissible?

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HSE  Which type of fire extinguish do you use to fight an electrical fire if a carbon dioxide extinguisher is unavailable?

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HSE  A maximum of ………… hours driving is allowed within a twelve-hour shift

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HSE _____________ is the process of assessing the likelihood of an adverse event occurring within the corporate, government, or environmental sector.

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HSE  Which among these is not a duty of a confined space attendant?

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HSE. Which of the following materials can be classified under Category D

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HSE  At or above what level of daily personal noise exposure does an employer have to provide hearing protection if it is requested by an employee?

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HSE. Wet Chemical fire extinguishers were specifically designed in order to tackle ______

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HSE. CPR involves chest compression for adults between _____ and _____ cm

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HSE  Which of the following items should not be in a first-aid box?

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HSE  When must you wear all personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by your employer?

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HSE  First aiders and person responsible for emergency shutdown procedures are examples of ……….

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HSE   …………… is an expert endowed with mechanical, technical and managerial skills in logistics and transport appointed by the company to plan, implement and control.

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HSE    In a site ________ must submit standard and appropriate HSEMS program

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HSE Quantitative Risk Assessment is also known as……

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HSE. The waste material that pollutes air, water, or soil is known as

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HSE   The professional responsible for the establishment of organizational procedures  is _______________

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HSE   What do the letters SWL stand for?

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HSE  If you are drilling into concrete with a masonry drill, in which one of the following circumstances will you need to wear eye protection?

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HSE  __________ fire extinguishers are specifically designed in order to tackle a class F fire.


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HSE  A workmate burns their hand on a piece of very hot metal. What should you do first?

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HSE The Electricity at Work Regulations require that:

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HSE  The result of an event, exposure or circumstances is called_________

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HSE…………. refers to a systematic, comprehensive business approach to manage personal risk

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HSE  Who induct and train new drivers into the crews

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HSE _________ is not one of the main provisions in the factory act?

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HSE  The type of accident that kills most construction site workers is:

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HSE  Which of these is not a safety requirement for doing a hot work?

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HSE.  You should avoid using _________________ fire extinguishers when extinguishing a fire in a confined space

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HSE.   A dry powder fire extinguisher has a ________ band located above

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HSE. Fire extinguishers that contain _____ have a red band located above them.

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HSE Which of the following is correct when it comes to the type of fire extinguishers you should avoid while fighting a fire in a confined space?

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HSE. A band of ____________ is displayed above a fire extinguisher that contains carbon dioxide.

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HSE  Which of the following best defines a factory?

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HSE   What is the aim of carrying out an accident investigation?

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HSE Which of these is not a hazard in construction?

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HSE  _________ is not a hazard in a confined space?

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HSE  When MUST an employer provide their employees with personal protective equipment (PPE

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HSE The following are examples of personal factors of accident except………….

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HSE  Which of the following colours allows you to identify a foam fire extinguisher?

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HSE  Installation of noise protector in noisy machinery is ______ hazard control

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HSE   ……………… is a workplace condition which exist or can be caused in combination with other variable which has the potential for accidents

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HSE  All new fire extinguishers are coloured red or of bright self-coloured metal. How do you know the difference between types?

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HSE   The rung of a wooden ladder has started to split, what should you do?

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HSE. Which of the following is true about dry powder fire extinguishers?

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HSE Which of the following does the Electricity at Work (EAW) regulations apply to?

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HSE The Factories Act was postulated in the year________?

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HSE   Your workmate suddenly gets a foreign body in the eye. What should you do?

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HSE The word “ergonomics” was coined in ………. by K.F.H Murrel

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HSE Why may young people be more at risk on site?

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HSE    Which of the following methods of hazard identification is a deductive reasoning technique that assumes a desirable event?

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HSE    In a low risk contractual activities, the contractor shall comply with …….

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HSE  When can you work from a ladder?

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HSE.  The fire assembly point can be best described as:

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HSE  Quantitative Risk Assessment is also known as……

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HSE   Distribution and control of up-to-date documents are the responsibilities of

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HSE  Fire extinguisher can be classed into

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HSE  Excessive sunlight on bare skin can cause which serious health problem?

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HSE  If there is a black coloured band above the fire extinguisher; what does the colour of the band tell you?

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HSE  What must your employer do if the daily personal noise exposure is at or exceeds 85 db(A)?

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HSE  All except one are the causes of accident in construction

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HSE.   A dry powder fire extinguisher can be found with a _______________ band above it.

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HSE   The full meaning of NIOSH is_______________

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HSE Guide to UAA covers the following except

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HSE  The process of pooling security ideas and viewpoints of architects, security and safety professionals and local police and fire officials in a coordinated effort to produce a facility with planned defenses before the actual construction is known as what?

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HSE  The focus of Risk management is to _____, ________, and _____the probability or impact of unfortunate events

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HSE  A minimum of ….. hours uninterrupted off duty rest will be taken between shifts

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HSE  When working on fragile roofs:

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HSE  Mesothelioma is associated with

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HSE _________ is not one of the 4 Ps of safety

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HSE   The ratio of accidents due to human causes to other causes is estimated to be ……..

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HSE   Which of these is not a hazard in petroleum industry?

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HSE   __________ is a condition or circumstance that suggest a higher probability or increased chance of a negative outcome

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HSE  Conceptualization involves………..

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HSE.  Wood, plastic, and paper are which of the following:

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HSE   If a cream coloured band is located over the fire extinguisher, it indicates that the fire extinguisher is which of the following?


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HSE   Which of the following methods of hazard identification consists of formulating a list of hazard and ask simple questions in the form of if?

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HSE A residual current device is designed to operate in the event of one of the following:

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HSE  One of these is not true about the different types of hazards?

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HSE  Health, Safety and Environmental Management system (HSEMS) is a set of tool that facilitate the best practices in proactive management of _____________

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HSE  Who should operate plant and equipment on site?

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HSE    A mobile plant operator can let you ride in the machine:

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HSE   The basic steps of UAA are the following except

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HSE   Planning involves………………………………

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HSE.  While you are using a fire extinguisher containing to carbon dioxide; what happens to the nozzle?

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HSE ……........can be used to record authorized entry and deter unauthorised entry.

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HSE …………is an area where area where access is limited to personnel and to authorised and properly endorsed visitors.

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HSE  _________ is not one of the causes of accidents?

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HSE  _________ is not a way of handling of compressed gas cylinders?

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HSE Security activities are concerned with security against……………. factors

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HSE.  In Nigeria, the organisation saddled with the responsibility to ensure quality and standard is known as………

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HSE   A common default check-in-interval is every…….hour(s)

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HSE   Which of the following statements is TRUE when an employer issues personal protective equipment (PPE)?

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HSE  What action should you take if a workmate gets an electric shock?

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HSE. Why is it important that you tend the nozzle when you have finished using a fire extinguisher containing carbon dioxide?

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HSE  ……………. Is the critical examination and cross examination of the nature, extend and approaches undertaken to complete a job or industrial operation.

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HSE   What action should you take if an electric drill cuts out while you are using it?

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HSE  One of these is not the need for safety

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