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HRM. The following are key for expansion and growth except__________

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HRM The greatest and also the most delicate ASSETS in any organization is it’s __

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HRM. The process of systematically organising work into task is involved in

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HRM. One of the following characteristics of theory X assumption

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HRM. Which of the following is not part of organizational demands?

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HRM.  All the following are Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of needs except____________

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HRM. The overreaching objective of human resources department is______________

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HRM.  All the following are common errors in recruitment except______________

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HRM.  One of the following is a step of the selection process

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HMR. Human resource manager does the following except___________

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HRM. A set of underlying values and beliefs employees share that is unwritten yet understood is?

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HRM.  We have___________ types of interview

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HRM.  One of the following will help you effectively manage/control your emotions at work place

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HRM.  Provide and maintain a safe work place which use safe plant and equipment is the duty of__________

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HRM. _______________is defines as efforts to make life worth living for workmen

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HRM.  One of the following is a function of human resource

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HRM.   In training, the initiative is taken by the_____________

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HRM. When a labour supply is equal labour supply

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HRM. An organisation chart is often use to depict the structure of an organisation. The chart is also used to

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HRM. In general term, the lower the rate of employment

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HRM. The following are the keys for organizational expansion?

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HRM. The initial response to a labour shortage is often

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HRM. ___________Is a plan for achieving a competitive advantage that influences how employees add value, impacts types of job employees perform and affects attitudes and behaviors employees display

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HRM. ___________ Is the process of taking control and evaluating one's own learning and behaviour

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HRM. MBO almost always refers to a comprehensive organisation wide goal setting and appraisal program that consist of the following except

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HRM. External environmental influences having a direct or indirect influences on HRM include which of the following

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HRM. The collection of tasks and responsibilities performed by one person is known as

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HRM. To ensure that no experience feeling of alienation, firm have to establish

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HRM.    _________ Helps organization to identify future talent need and plan ahead to make sure those skills are available in the workforce.

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HRM. All the following are involves in recruitment process except

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HRM.  What is trade union?

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HRM.  With research no organization will stand

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HRM. _____________ is a meeting between the supervisor and the employee which focus on a specific incident, a particular aspect of an employee’s performance which the supervisor has identified as needing improvement is called______________

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HRM.  One of the following is not a benefits of training

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HRM.  Operative functions includes the following except_______________

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HRM. The ratio of an organizations output to its input is known as

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HRM. One major disadvantages of internal recruitment is that it______________

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HRM. What is the length of a resume?

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HRM  _____________can be seen as a function within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management and direction of people in an organization.

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HRM. During interview first impression take only thirty seconds

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HRM. The important benefits of welfare includes one of the following

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HRM. When managers are employed just for the sake of it and do not contributes much to the organization explains_____________

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HRM. A summary of performance appraisal discussion focuses on

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HRM.  A technique for determining the training needs of current employee is

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HRM. The act of giving up or quitting one's office or position is called____________

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HRM The two sources of recruitment and internal recruitment

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HRM.  Many job consist of a logical sequence step by step and are best taught step by step. This type of training is called


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HRM. The process of analysing manufacturing process including production costs and compensation employee based on their performance level is found in

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HRM. Hiring close relatives can also prevent office theft

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HRM. Which of the following is the first in HR planning

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HRM. _____________ is a statement of principles, outlining how organization should conduct it's recruitment of selection

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HRM. ____________ Is the analysis of work into its simplest element and the systematic improvement of the worker's performance of each of these elements.

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HRM. Job analysis provide data on job requirement than can be used to develop

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HRM. Job analysis provide data in job requirement that can be used to develop

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HRM. A series of work related positions, paid or unpaid, that help a person grow in job skills, success, and fulfilment is

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HRM. One of the advantages of internal recruitment is_____________

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HRM. Strategic plans are created and carried out by

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HRM. The use of experienced individual to teach and train someone with less knowledge in a given area is called

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HRM. ___________ influences the attractive on the job to potential applicants

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HRM. The process of systematically organising work into tasks is involved in

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HRM  ___________has to do with persons or employees who staffs and operates a function in an organization

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HRM. The introduction of a new staff to the  company and educating them about their new roles is known as

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HRM. The definition of _____________is the formal relationships among job in an organisation

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HRM. Which of this is not a purpose of personnel record.

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HRM.  Training programs conducted away from the work place is called

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HRM. _____________ is one of the key interviewing skills

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HRM.  Any attempt to improve managerial performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes or enhancing skills, is called

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HRM. ___________is a management function concerned with defining goals for a future direction and determining on the mission and resources to achieve those target

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HRM. One of the following intellectuals propounded the human work motivation and management known as theory X and Y

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HRM. a summary perf0rmance appraisal discussion focuses on:

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HRM. Intelligence measure all the following except

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HRM. One of the following is managerial function of human resources management

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HRM. The process of reviewing human resource requirement to ensure that the organisation has the required number of employee, with necessary skills to meet its goal Is known as

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HRM. How can we prevent office thefts?

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HRM. The recruitment process comprises of how many steps?

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HRM. _____________ is the increase in size and capacity of organization

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HRM. The prevailing atmosphere or internal weather that exits in an organisation and its impact on employee is

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HRM. Diversity management is

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HRM.  One of the following professor was born in Detroit, Michigan, United State in 1906

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HRM. Activating employees at different levels and making them contribute maximally towards organizational goal is ___________________

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HRM.  In today’s service based economy, a company most important assets are often

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HRM. The field of study concerned with analysing work methods and establishing time standards is known as

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HRM.  Suggestions and feedback of the subordinates are taken into consideration before actions are taken is demonstrated under__________________

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HRM. Payment or compensation received for services or employment is known as

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HRM.  The following are elements of policy except:

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HRM. The managerial function of HR includes all except

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HRM. To be effective, promotion from within requires the following tools except


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HRM. The characteristics of the workforce are as

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HRM ______________encompasses the way managers make decision show they plan and organize work and how they understand authority

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HRM. Hman resource planning and_____________ are often used inter changeably

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HRM.   In order to prevent workplace injuries and ill-health, the employer is required to____________________

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HRM. Total reward refers to

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HRM. The interview method in which the applicant is interviewed by a number of people at once is known as

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HRM. The style of management style that managers treat themselves as an essential part of the team and are efficient listeners who do not also lock themselves in cabins, demonstrates__________________

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HRM. One of the ways to improve self-regulation is________________

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HRM. The introduction of a new staff to the company and educating them about their new roles is known as

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HRM. We have______________ types of remuneration policy

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HRM. The following are information in the personnel record except

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HRM.  To classify performance expectation, ____________ should be developed

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HRM. Development is made to answer the training problems

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