What Does an Environmental Health and Safety Manager Do?

Environmental Health and Safety Managers work with and for organizations (private and public sector) to promote good working practices for employees. Mostly, they observe these organizations to ensure that they comply with environmental legislation regarding safety in the workplace. When they work in environmental roles, it is about ensuring that steps are taken to protect the environment from the actions of the organization, and ensuring that people are protected from the environment. Business owners and senior managers should always be aware of their health & safety obligations – environmental or otherwise – but may struggle to keep up with persistent changes to legislation. That is why they will employ EH&S professionals on a full-time or contract basis. Businesses may also see the benefits of employing professionals in this area to help them reduce carbon footprint or minimize environmental impact. In a way, they are similar to both Environmental Public Health professionals and to Environmental Policy and Planning but work on a direct level with organizations affected Site legislation. They require attention to detail, great observation skills and knowledge of environmental law. They examine procedures and actions, and look for potential hazards in the day to day operation. When an individual is injured, they will often be the person conducting the investigation and writing the report. They may be called upon as expert witnesses for either side in the result of a prosecution.


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At the end of the training programme, the Institute will issue the following Certificates to all successful applicants:

  1. Certificate in Health Safety and Environmental. Level 1 (See Samples)
  2. Diploma in Health Safety and Environmental. Level 2
  3. Advanced Diploma in Health Safety and Environmental. Level 3
  4. Chartered Membership Certificate from Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Safety, United States of America.

Please note that your membership Certificate can be verified from


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Here’s What You Will Do


  • Develop and manage the implementation of a Health, Safety and Quality program at ICG and all of its locations.
  • Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal laws regarding occupational health and safety
  • Work with facility managers to create and implement safety training programs and materials
  • Analyze near-miss and injury reports, track trends, and investigate root causes. Identify areas of high injury rates and develop safety programs to address these areas.
  • Track, review and maintain all safety documentation provided Site each facility
  • Conduct site inspections and audit compliance with safety and food safety programs
  • Responsible for maintaining compliance with latest BRC Food Safety requirements



Environment, Health & Safety Management in Offices

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